The Gift
Book 3 in "The Adventures of Andi O'Malley" series

While in a coma after a bike accident, Andi receives an assignment from the Council of Angels.

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Unique, superbly written, and very highly recommended. Celeste Messer's The Adventures Of Andi O'malley is a five volume series of chapter books for young readers where the stories showcase the concept that by doing a good deed for one person, that person will then do a good deed for another, and so on. Andi O'Malley, her family and friends, the eccentric Miss Bluebonnet, Jelly Roll (Andi's guardian angel), and an assortment of other angels and villains will both entertain and inform boys and girls on handling sensitive issues all children will eventual face in real live. The individual titles composing this unique, superbly written, and very highly recommended series —Mdiwest Book Review


The Gift
February 06, 2001
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