Follow Your Dreams

Through the use of ideas in this book, the author will encourage you, the reader, to dream again and get to know yourself better. In so doing, you will achieve a happier, more satisfying and fulfilling life. There are techniques found in the pages of this book that will enable you to take control of your life, rather than living a life controlled by others.


The concepts are not new. Instead they are an accumulation of techniques and ideas supported by the author and those considered to be master teachers in this game we call life.

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My night stand companion. A gem of a book! Succint, to the point, and moving the reader to action. Whenever I lose track of where I am going, I review key pages that contain my notes and how the particular passage applies to me. The energy that comes out of the pages fills me with confidence and I smile, knowing that I am in charge and following my dreams. I also use excerpts of this book to remind my grown children that it is their duty to follow their dreams since we have been given so much that it makes no sense not to fulfill our greatness. Whatever one truly wants, one can reach. Wished I had the chance to give the lessons from this book to all teenagers. Parents should use this book as a tool from which to get pointers to pass on. —Susana Burns



Follow Your Dreams
May 05, 1998
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