Daisy's New Dawn
Book 2 in the Patrick's Garden series

Daisy MacRae was the family rebel; the irresponsible one. All through childhood the three older MacRae sisters followed the rules, while Daisy found breaking rules much more fun. Though her actions should have landed her in hot water, Daisy always managed to sweet talk her way out trouble. But things changed the night Daisy's reckless behavior destroyed the life of someone she loved. Unable to face what she had done Daisy ran away. Now five years later she's returning home for the holidays hoping to put the past behind her.


Just as Daisy begins to believe in second chances, she finds her name once again splashed across the headlines. With a sick sense of déjà vu Daisy helplessly watches while another of her mistakes plays out in the media threatening to end the promising career of a friend. Daisy must decide if she is going to run again or stay and fight for the life she so desperately wants.

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Great Read. Daisy's New Dawn is book two of the Partick Garden series by Celeste Messer. Patrick names his daughters after the flowers grown in his garden. He also put them in categories and expected them to follow his decree. Daisy was the athlete and the reckless one. She was irresponsible and lived to play soccer. One drunk driving event left her friend in a wheelchair and sent her running out of town. Now she is back. According to her sister's, Daisy was still irresponsible. She decided early on just to live up to their beliefs and had taken a few risks in her life away from New Layne. One such event led to a friendship with A.J. which just seems to go on and on and nowhere at the same time. Now she is back in New Layne. She moves into an apartment next to her sister. She is just subleasing the apartment and that includes taking care of a cat. She has also decided to join her brother-in-law Ben in a soccer tournament. This is the first she has played soccer since the accident. She falls in love with it again and decides to keep on playing on Ben's team. She meets Garrett Hamilton here and begins dating him. At the same time, she is trying to convince Officer Erik Espinosa that she and Sam, his partner, are an item to cover up Sam's love for Erik's sister, Faith. It becomes harder and harder to keep up the pretense. It seems she keeps running into Erik everywhere she goes. Just when things begin to settle down, her past comes back to haunt her. I tis a good book with well thought out characters. The plot is much more convoluted in this book than in the first one. —P.Blevins



Daisy's New Dawn
September 12, 2014
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