Imperfect Rose
Book 1 in the Patrick's Garden series

Patrick MacRae had a habit of pigeonholing people, and his four daughters were no exception. Rose was the smart one; Lily, the beauty; Violet, the sweet one; and Daisy was his athlete. Now two years after his death, the four sisters are still trying to work themselves out of the boxes he put them in.


Rose hated being compared to her sisters, so she couldn't get away from her small town of New Layne, Texas, fast enough. Now living in New York, on the verge of having everything she's ever dreamed of, her mother calls insisting that she come home. It isn't that Rose doesn't love her family, but she doesn't want to go back to the place where she always felt like the 'ugly duckling' and where memories of her dad would be everywhere.


However, when Rose learns that her much-anticipated romantic weekend is cancelled, and Charles isn't going to propose as planned, she decides that a short trip to Texas may be just 'the ticket'. It will give her time to relax and regroup and maybe it will give Charles time to rethink their relationship.


Rose arrives home to discover that there have been a lot of changes. Some guy named Lucas has moved in with her mother, and the family business is in shambles. Rose isn't sure who to blame as her mother is in the hospital with amnesia and wants nothing to do with the business. As the eldest daughter, it's up to Rose to guide the family through the storm.


In the process of rebuilding the family business and helping Maggie regain her memories, the MacRae women discover that, when all is said and done, they are family and each is a vital part of the legacy of Patrick's Garden.

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Curl up and enjoy this engaging novel. Very enjoyable read. Interesting character development and lots of clever twists and turns along the way. Touches on the joys and tribulations of family laced with romance.The dialogue is believable and the characterizations insightful. Ms. Messer goes into a bit more detail than I like, but that's just me. Lovely first novel and entry into the series. I look forward to Daisy! —Robyn Jamison


Include "Imperfect Rose" in your garden of books. An entertaining story that highlights all the angst, behavioral traits, personality quirks, varied perceptions and expectations, differences of opinion, and love that is present in the majority of families. It was fun to see which sister I had the most kinship with when all these aspects of the human condition are considered. And it was heartwarming to see how everyone eventually worked together to resolve their issues and situations. Enjoyed Rose, looking forward to Daisy, and the remainder of Patrick's Garden girls. —Karen


This book is not just for women. Have you ever looked at your brother or sister and wonder if they are really related to you? That's a question Rose, the main character of the book asks herself. The four MacRae sisters are as different as night and day and Rose in particular gets tired of the comparisons. While the book is an easy read and the style is light and informal, it did make me stop and think of my own relationships with my siblings and parents. At its core the story of Imperfect Rose is about family and reminding the reader that each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses and we need to be true to who we are, not who others think we should be. So if you like a family saga with a splash of romance and a hint of mystery and of course a happy ending, then Imperfect Rose may be the perfect book for you. —Everend


A Good and thought provoking read. I am not usually a reader of "romantic" novels, but definitely glad I read this book. Whether you have any brothers or sisters it doesnt matter...what matters is the dynamic between the way you see yourself and the way others see you. This book allows you to see yourself in the characters and take away from that the actions to be a better person. I do have a large family and did see myself and my siblings in the characters, and seeing this opened my eyes to there "inner" selves. Read this book and see which character you become...I know I did. —Lawrence Radinsky


Imperfect Rose
July 02, 2013
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