Violet's Way
Book 3 in the Patrick's Garden series

Rose MacRae is worried when she finds out that Violet, the shyest and most naïve of her three sisters is falling in love with Jackson Carter of Carter Enterprises. It isn't that Rose doesn't like Jackson, everyone likes the guy. But Jackson is a real ladies man with a 'love'em and leave'em' reputation. While Violet…Violet is a babe in the woods when it comes to love. When Violet won't listen to reason, Rose has no choice but to enlist the help of Jackson's older brother Dexter, CEO of Carter Enterprises to break the couple up.


Dex has millions invested in a huge and decidedly shaky merger. The only thing keeping the deal together is the upcoming marriage between the two families and Dex is not about to let his irresponsible brother screw things up. When it becomes apparent that Jackson won't dump Violet; Dex sets out to make sure that Violet falls in love with someone else.


But what seemed to be a good idea at the time backfires in more ways than one.

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Great Series. Violet's Way is book three in the Patrick Garden series by Celeste Messer. Violet is the sweet one in Patrick's way of categorizing his girls. No one can get angry at Violet and stay that way. She rarely gets angry and even more rarely stands up for herself. She works in a vintage clothes store and lives in an apartment in an old Victorian home. She loves having her sisters all home. Violet has found herself feeling very comfortable with Jackson Carter whom she met through her sister, Rose. Jackson is one of the few men she can talk to without hesitating and feeling insecure. She wonders if she could fall in love with him but decides a friendship is good for now. Rose, however, is concerned that she will fall for Jackson and he will break her heart since he is a renowned ladies man. Rose enlists the help of his brother and CEO of Carter Enterprises to break them up. Dexter is a cold man who doesn't do anything unless it makes him money. Now he is working on a construction job involving and hopefully including JJ Johnson's ranch. Ever since Rose had taken Violet to see the ranch, she had become friends with JJ. She and JJ don't want to see the ranch destroyed. JJ fell off his horse and broke a leg but what was worse had lain there two days and nights before anyone found him. He was in the hospital and now can go home only with help. He has run off several housekeepers and nurses due to his grumpy disposition. He is almost succeeding in running off the chef hired by Dex as well. At his wits ends on both JJ and Violet, Dex arranges for Violet to help JJ with the help of Tiny and Frank, nurse and chef. Dex visits JJ regularly and begins to have feelings for Violet. However, he gets on her bad side with his presumption that everyone had his/her price and JJ's love for his ranch. —P.Blevins



Violet's Way
September 12, 2014
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